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The Teach Educators and Scholars Organization, LLC (TESO) was founded in 2011 with the mission to help students succeed through training and tutoring services that were offered.  Since its inception, TESO has helped hundreds, if not thousands of students, educators and leaders.  We have a strong belief that all students can succeed when provided with high quality, engaging, inclusive learning environments that are equitable, socially just, and culturally responsive.  

Post-pandemic, TESO relaunched as a consulting group with a new expanded purpose and commitment to addressing systemic inequities.  Our vision is to drive sustainable system change for the historically marginalized.

TESO Consulting Group trains, coaches, and supports leaders in education, non-profit and private organizations in creating equitable opportunities and spaces for individuals to have access to equitable, socially just, culturally responsive learning and working environments.


Our passionate, experienced consultants are committed to supporting school systems and organizations in their journeys towards:

  • Creating opportunities for all,

  • Building capacity of leaders, faculty, and staff,

  • Creating equitable and culturally responsive policies, curriculum, instruction, and programming, and

  • More...

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Ensure all individuals, especially those who have been historically marginalized, have access to equitable, socially just, culturally responsive learning and working experiences

Equity Defined

The conditions within a setting that fairly provide access and opportunities for all individuals to actively engage in a caring, culturally responsive work or learning environment.  


Equity is further defined by culturally responsive leadership who provide socially just, barrier-free and meaningful experiences for individuals to feel a strong sense of belonging and have the resources they need, notwithstanding their race, language, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity, ability, background, religion, class, and/or family income.

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