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Organizational Equity

Our team will provide research and data-informed capacity building and support on equity, inclusion, and diversity. Our approach is based on the convergence of research and practical pedagogy. We will assist leadership and teams in developing a definition of equity that support DEI efforts and practices; align mission and vision work with policy; and analyze achievement and performance data to provide recommendations on the establishment of equity task priorities. 


We believe that attaining equity is achievable. Embarking on the journey of achieving truly equitable institutions begins with a firm understanding of goals as well as anticipating any potential obstacles that may serve as a challenge to this work. 

Social Justice 

Our team will support organizations in leveraging the realities of the social world as opportunities for growth and learning within respective communities.


The health and productivity of most organizations hinge on human relationships.  Social justice provides a lens through which we work to keep these spaces people-centered. Of course, how we perceive social justice is directly related to personal and institutional belief and practices. Educating for social justice is purposeful and contributes to a high quality work or learning environment.


We will collaborate with teams and leaders to build capacity to better inform policy and practice decisions. 

Cultural Responsiveness

Our team will help build the capacity of your leadership, faculty, and staff to become culturally responsive in practice, leadership, and pedagogy. We will help you assess your current practices and give you the tools, strategies and resources to employ practices that are culturally responsive.  

When culturally responsive practices are successfully operationalized in your organization, everyone will feel valued, safe, and included.  Adults and students will also have strong, positive relationships with one another through meaningful intellectual and social engagement.

Equity Coaching

Our team will support the implementation of your team's educational equity goals through research-backed coaching and implementation strategies. Through this service, you will have routine sessions with our expert staff who will provide you with individualized assistance to increase your capacity to ensure the success of all students.


Additionally, we will help you develop and implement communication strategies to build consensus and cohesion among your internal and external stakeholders. 


Successfully addressing educational equity is a complex, multifaceted, worthy effort. Recognizing this, our coaches will guide you through the various stages of establishing a culture of access, opportunity and fairness for your students. 


Professional Learning

Our team will create and deliver professional learning experiences designed to build the capacity of your team to implement an equitable education for your students. Our unique brand of engagement and facilitation will provide valuable tools and insights tailored for leaders, faculty or staff to address issues related to diversity and equity.

All professionally learning is research-based, interactive, and applicable to your unique context.  You will have an opportunity to engage with diverse groups of educators as you build your capacity and learn to apply your learning to your respective roles.

Consulting for Equity

Our team will help you conduct a landscape analysis to determine the extent to which your organization is equitable.  We will examine perceptions, practices, capacity of leaders, faculty, and staff.  Additionally we will help you examine your policies and resources to best meet the needs of all of your learners. 


Using our Framework for Sustainable Equity Planning, we will help you determine where you are vulnerable to inequities, where you have inconsistent or inadequate capacity, as well as where you are equitable.  We will then work with you to build a plan designed to address your specific needs and areas of vulnerability.


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